Winter Dream: Homestead


Michael Stephen Wills

Winter Dream: Homestead
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Winter Dream: Homestead
This is my home on a frigid January morning. The view is across Fall Creek, where it meanders through an esker field created by the glacier, 10,000 years ago. An esker is a ridged hill formed my melting water under a glacier. The constant movement of the stream causes its water to freeze from the bottom up, coloring the glacial boulders an other-worldly green and from bank inward. On this particular morning, the river was warm enough to put up vapor, coating the trees with a delicate glaze and there is delicate filigree along the bank. I caught the rising sun just as it broke the esker hill in the background. The snow was very deep and while walking back home on snowshoes, I slipped on the bank of the esker hill in the background, fell backward on a maple sapling gnawed by a beaver to a point. My camera pack limited the damage to a broken rib and the rest of the winter I slept wedged into a reclining chair, not being able to lie down.
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georgi_michelle ::
December 11, 2010
Just too cute, wonderful capture!

MichaelStephenWills ::
January 05, 2011
Thanks so much, georgi

maragi ::
March 09, 2011
Really lovely cold this one!!!

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