Peaceful Storm


Michael Stephen Wills

Peaceful Storm
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Peaceful Storm
This surreal landscape is rock hard reality. The time was evening, summertime, after a day of thunderstorms. I saw a dreamy thunderhead rising plush above the earth's curvature and, just before sunset, I was in place at a pasture with a good view of farmland on the far plain. I did not have a tripod and the light gradient across the scene was vast, beyond the capabilities of my equipment. My solution was to brace the camera on my knees and take two exposures, one for the sky and one the pasture. Photoshop was used to paint the image for this final result.

This is an ART for cancer image
semmaf ::
September 20, 2008
Beautiful! I love the clouds!

solomon ::
September 28, 2008
truly like a masterful painting!

mirjamgremes ::
October 13, 2008
I love everything about this painting: composition, light, colors and subject. Truly good work!

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