Ice Bells I


Michael Stephen Wills

Ice Bells I
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Ice Bells I
Icicles formed on Fall Creek, near my home, during the coldest days of February. These transient bells, joined to the ice lobe by the thinnest of pedicles, fell into the creek the next day When open water flows under a bank of snow and ice it is possible for the sun to heat the bank, melting it to send water flowing down to the water. If the air temperature is very cold, the water freezes to form icicles, like happens with houses that are not well insulated. What is marvelous is the surface of a flowing stream rises and falls deforming the icicles from their normal thick base tapered to thin endings into something strange, beautiful and wonderful. Such as these Ice Bells. Note the golden crystals in the ice lobe of the central bell, different from the silver crystals of the lobes of the right and left bells. .....

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18wheeler ::
April 17, 2009
WoW that's Neat!!!!!!!!

noseprints ::
June 11, 2009
Elegant, refined, beautifully realized…

ekaeka ::
June 22, 2009
So simple and so beautiful!

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