September Sunset in Cascadilla Gorge


Michael Stephen Wills

September Sunset in Cascadilla Gorge
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September Sunset in Cascadilla Gorge
This iconic footbridge and waterfall is cherished by generations of Cornell students and alumni. When you hike Cascadilla Gorge you traverse 400 feet of elevation from the foot in Ithaca, New York through the climb out onto the Cornell University Campus. In that quarter mile are six major water falls. Here is pictured a stone arch footbridge over the creek behind a fall near the mid-point of the walk. The bridge is a favored meeting and gathering place, students set up their easels and friends chat. On a perfect September afternoon I set up mid-creek and waited for the perfect moment captured here.
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trudawg ::
April 21, 2008
Outstanding! I could stare at that all day!

sparklejen ::
April 26, 2008
Was worth waiting for as you got the perfect shot with the sun shine lighting your canvas. I have been near by this area as an Aunt Uncle and Cousins lived in NY state in Waterloo. I spent a summer there and it was heavenly. Your beautiful work brought back memories and you deserve a hoorah! Thanks! Jennie

Melissa-Widmaier ::
May 05, 2008
Idyllic. Just heavenly.

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